Mela Vitamins Gift Card

Mela Vitamins Gift Card

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A multivitamin by & for women of color, formulated with science-based nutrients, probiotics and adaptogens to support whole body wellness.*

Gift One Month Supply

Gift the gift of melanin-centered wellness wellness, perfect for you or your bestie! Gift cards are delivered digitally to your email address.

  • Melanin impact’s our ability to absorb Vitamin D from the sun. We help you fill this nutrition gap with high-dose Vitamin D3 sourced from microalgae.*
  • High-dose Vitamin B12 supports energy levels, improved mood and healthy red blood cells.*
  • Five strains of probiotics support digestion and a healthy gut, heart and brain.*
  • Essential nutrients that support glowing melanin-rich skin and healthy Type 3 & Type 4 hair.*
  • Adaptogens like Ceylon Cinnamon and Lion’s Mane support stress management, blood sugar management and heart health.*
  • Certified vegan, non-gmo and gluten free & no harmful fillers.

What's Inside and why

Guided by science, created with clean & bioavailable nutrients, formulated for melanated women.

Antioxidant that supports vision health, skin health and improved immune function and helps reduce oxidative stress in the body.*

Antioxidant that supports muscle and collagen production and improved immune function, and helps protect against the effects of free radicals. Also helps your body absorb and store iron.*

Vitamin that supports bone, muscle and nerve health and immune function, and helps your body absorb and use calcium.* Melanin reduces your ability to synthesize Vitamin D from the sun.

Antioxidant that supports skin health, heart health and helps reduce oxidative stress in the body.*

Vitamin that supports protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, red blood cell production and brain health.* May also support improved mood and reduced PMS symptoms.*

Natural form of Folic Acid; an essential nutrient that supports healthy cell growth, carbohydrate metabolism and heart health.*

Vitamin that supports nerve cell function, bone health and heart health.* May also support improved energy levels and mood.*

Vitamin that supports your body in converting food to energy.* May also support improved hair, skin and nail health.*

Mineral that supports nerve health, blood sugar management and blood pressure regulation.* May also support improved mood, energy levels and exercise performance.* 

Mineral that supports healthy immune function, blood sugar management and heart health.* May also support improved skin health and sleep regulation.*

Vitamin that supports bone health, heart health, healthy blood clotting functions and blood pressure management.* Also supports the absorption and metabolism of calcium.*

Adaptogenic mushroom that supports improved cognitive function, heart health and blood sugar management.* May also provide relief from symptoms of anxiety.*

Adaptogenic spice with antioxidants that support blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure management. May also support improved immune function.*

Microorganisms that support healthy digestive processes, skin health and improved immune function.* May also support weight management and improved mood.*

Frequently asked questions

It's all about maintaining healthy habits. Keeping your vitamins in a case will make it easier for you to track your progress and commit to taking your supplements daily.

This case will also help protect your vitamins from UV rays, humidity and other environmental factors to maintain their effectiveness.

We used high-quality, food-safe materials (like silicone) that are free from BPA and phthalates.

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