the multivitamin for melanated women

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Mela Vitamins
Mela Vitamins
Mela Vitamins
Mela Vitamins
Mela Vitamins

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Melanin impacts how we produce certain nutrients, which puts us at risk for vitamin deficiencies and other health risks. We spent years conducting research and working with healthcare providers to formulate the Daily Essentials multivitamin to include the precise vitamins, probiotics, and adaptogens needed by melanated women, including high-dose Vitamin D.


I love how Mela is custom made for people of color … and all the relief it has given me for my pms and acne prone skin.
Cicely J.

These vitamins have changed my life. It has been helping with my digestion. And last month my PMS symptoms were so much better.
Tina D.

This will forever replace your probiotics and multivitamin - and there's no need to take a separate Vitamin D supplement. This is an absolute essential.
Jan H.

clean. simple. tested.

Vegan & Gluten-Free


No Harmful Fillers