Reproductive Wellness & Yoni Intelligence

Insights from Elena Lakay, Clinical Sexologist and Reproductive Health Specialist

We sat down with Elena Lakay, Clinical Sexologist/Matchmaker & Reproductive Health Specialist to learn more about her mission to shake up everything you thought you knew about your feminine cycle. From womb health to holistic intimacy, we’re discussing Elena’s insights on wellness, increased self love-self care and how to activate your  personal yoni intelligence. 

Elena is the founder of Bodeology, LLC, where she supports women in understanding the bio rhythms of their bodies and how to embrace their authentic feminine potential. With over 30 years of experience in holistic wellness, intimacy and relationship deepening, cyclical living, feminine form medicine, movement, and women's sexual health education, Elena is sharing her insights with our Mela community.

Hey Elena, can you please share more about yourself and the amazing work you do?

I aim to shift women's understanding of their feminine cycles by helping them realize that their womb is their birthright. I offer private consulting and education on various subject matters such as Sacred Movement, Hormone Ecology, Holistic Intimacy, Reproductive & Sexual Health, and Conscious Conception/Birth to transform and optimize the lives of women.

My goal is to guide you towards discovering your inner sanctuary, where you can unlock the mysteries within your heart, body, womb, and menstrual cycles. By tapping into the power of yoni intelligence, you can become your most authentic self and cultivate a deeper connection with self-love and intimacy. This is my dream work, to help you manifest your most profound life through conscious surrender and self-reverence.

What does wellness mean to you?

Holistic wellness and self-care are crucial for maintaining physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This approach extends beyond the mere absence of illness and involves actively cultivating a positive and balanced lifestyle. For me, prioritizing wellness means being mindful of the interconnectedness between my inner world and the world around me, with a particular focus on my menstrual cycle, which I observe as my fifth vital sign. Our natural alignment with the ecology of our communities and relationships can help us to maintain balance and harmony in our lives, despite the challenges we face from patriarchal and colonizing societies that do not prioritize the needs of mothers and nature. By engaging in mind, body, and spirit rituals, I seek to preserve ancient codes that promote well-being and nourishment for the divine feminine.

Through the practice of yoni menstrual charting, I am able to align my womb health with my daily activities, including movement, nourishment, work and relationships. This alignment enables me to embrace harmony and a melodic enchantment of life, with increased ease and pleasure in experiencing intimacy, mindfulness and visualization. Cultivating stability and presence in my daily routine helps to bring peace and release unproductive mental spirals, allowing me to drop into my body and receive intuitive messages that guide me towards greater well-being and fulfillment. Listening to my body's needs and responding with care is essential for increased self-love and personal growth.

What is your advice on how we can incorporate wellness into our daily lives?

To prioritize wellness and self-love, I recommend starting with somatic inquiries that help identify unresolved emotional business and enable the pursuit of authentic desires. Deconstructing your needs and your reasons for them is important to ensure that they truly resonate with you. Establishing boundaries that empower and honor your well-being can help cultivate meaningful friendships and sacred spaces in your life. Communicating these boundaries to others is a key aspect of maintaining healthy relationships and promoting overall well-being.

Appreciating the mundane aspects of life, such as the sounds, touches, sights, tastes, and smells around us, can contribute significantly to our overall well-being and happiness. By integrating small rituals into our daily routines, such as eating with our fingers or feeling the earth beneath our feet, we can experience more joy and relaxation in our lives. Taking time to walk in nature, savoring intimacy in meals, and cultivating sensuousness are all vital components of well-being.

Remember that opportunities for increased self-love are everywhere and in every moment. By making conscious choices and setting aside time for self-nurturing activities, we can lead more balanced and fulfilling lives. By accessing our own inner resources for long-term health and happiness, we can achieve greater self-awareness and self-love, and experience greater fulfillment in all areas of our lives.

You mentioned the importance of balance and interconnectedness between our mind, body and spirit. Do you have any advice on how we can cultivate mental wellbeing? 

  • Prioritize Self-Compassion: Be kind to yourself and recognize that we are all here to learn from one another. Remember to lead with curiosity and compassion, especially when facing challenges. Treat yourself with the same kindness you would offer a friend. Additionally, pay attention to your womb and how it informs your overall health. Consider exploring the endless benefits of the fertility awareness method through symptothermal charting, which can help you understand your changing cervical fluid and basal body temperature. This can also help you identify your normal ranges and guide you towards a collaborative relationship with your health team. 
  • Practice Mindfulness: Incorporate cyclical mindfulness into your routine, particularly during your late luteal and menstruation phases. Take time to visualize and reimagine what needs re-loving, meditate, practice big womb-belly breathing, and slow down. Mindfulness can help accentuate personal clarity, reducing stress and enhancing overall mental and neuro-biological wellness.
  • Connect & Be Present Socially: Cultivate meaningful connections with others in sacred co-spaces, gather in the forest, or in your home. Share your thoughts and feelings with trusted friends or family members and be open to supporting others in return. 
  • Reimagine Life Goals & Set Realistic Goals: Break down large goals into manageable steps and take time to unravel the social/family/community constructs that have shaped your decisions and relationships that no longer serve you. Trust that what you desire now has already happened in the future, and celebrate small achievements along the way.
  • Prioritize Authentic, Healthy Boundaries: Learn how to speak your truth by feeling into your changing ecstatic yes' and absolute no-ways. Setting boundaries is crucial for protecting your emotional health, and your truth is a spiritual portal that reveals all that is in agreement and alignment. Notice when you feel a rise in your limitations and thresholds, pause, and then communicate your truth assertively with the melodic attunement and posture of the feminine. Remember to prioritize yourself and your well-being, for it is the foundation for all that you do.

As we work to educate and heal others on their wellness journey, what keeps you motivated?

My passion and inspiration is fueled by my joy in activating and awakening the most confident and authentically feminine Goddess in every woman. I love being able to encourage women to courageously embrace their glorious bodies, open them to the magic of their womb space, help them explore holistic intimacy and conscious contraception to name a few. 

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom on cultivating holistic wellness and womb intelligence. We are feeling inspired! How can people connect with you to learn more?

You can find me on Instagram and TikTok as Elena Lakay. If you’re interested in my upcoming course or working with me one-on-one, you can learn more on my website at I’m also offering a special promotion for the Mela comI’m munity! Use the code "YONI" for 10% off on a Yoni Code Course, Workshop or Live Experience/Retreat, Elena’s personalized and holistic approach cultivating self-awareness, fostering deeper and effective communication/intimacy, and nurturing the spiritual dimensions of connection. Together we can create a Butterfly Effect that transforms the entire Feminine Collective as we stand, laughing ecstatically, hands entwined.

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